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Mecsel Watchdog

The introduction of Watchdog has enabled Mecsel Oy to supply programmable devices for a very varied market. Our clientele often have unique requirements in regards to their desired functionalities. Fairly large deliveries progress through the planning, programming and testing stages, out onto the field and for production use. Often, pilot installations precede full-scale production use. A majority of the appliances which are supplied by Mecsel Oy are for demanding self-service use, whilst at the same time, they utilise a great many different application programs.

Mecsel Oy has long had a need to ensure smooth operations through the aid of a “so-called” watch dog. This “watchdog” procedure has already been used in Mecsel Smart devices, virtually or programmatically. During actual power cuts, the watchdog provides an increasingly robust operational tool. After market research, Mecsel Oy created their own device production process to attain equipment, which was more advantageous and appropriate for requirements.

The Mecsel WD-100 product has already been introduced in the field. Series production equipment will be completed in spring 2011. The Watchdog product will be introduced for public sale in the future and it will also be available, as a separate device.

Information on the device is available through the link below, in pdf format:

Mecsel® Smart WD-100 Watchdog