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Over the years, Mecsel has connected thousands of vending machines online.
The implementations have successfully used many kinds of modems and routers.
However, a majority of the supplies have been made with our own Mecsel® Smart brand.
There is a need for a new affordable 4G Usb modem. In online developments over the coming years, practical needs will focus around 4G technologies.

The utilisation of a moving image in sales vending machines will increase the need for ever quicker internet connections. For this purpose, the 4G modem is very suitable.
In some of the largest locations, amplifiers have been introduced to improve signals in well insulated premises with heated glass. In these cases, the technology often chosen is 4G.

The experience and wishes of Mecsel have been taken into account well in the implementation of the modem. The quality of modems have slowly improved, thanks to the wishes of Mecsel Oy. This same beneficial development is now reflected in the 4G modem.
Mecsel telemetry devices, together with their own modem, comprise a reliable product.
The intelligence of the modem is based on the Mecsel® Smart device control. This facilitates the introduction of new technology and the utilization of previous experiences.

The Mecsel telecommunications package consists of a Mecsel automation telemetry device, Mecsel modem and the globally operating Mecsel VPN Sim card. The functional Mecsel product enables unrivalled online connectivity in almost any location around the world.