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TINE AS Norway


The Norwegian dairy giant has built a direct vending machine distribution channel from the producer to the consumers.

Delivery project
Mecsel was chosen to implement the goal of the Tine dairy to sell dairy products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. The only payment instrument used in schools are student cards instead of cash, as well as credit and debit cards in public places for the general public.
The aim of the delivery project was to provide consumers with a reliable and easy to use automated service. This was implemented in cooperation with Mecsel® Smart telemetry equipment, Mecsel SaaS telemetry and payment services.

Pupil can buy healthy dairy products from snack vending machines. The parents of pupils purchase the service in advance via an online store and are able to monitor its use.
Tine takes care of filling the machines with up-to-date information provided by the system.

Utilizing IT technology
Tine has use of the latest IT technology applied to the automated environment.
The vending machines are monitored on a continuous online basis, each automated graphical product chart can be remotely viewed and monitored. The electronic prices of the products can also be changed remotely. Sales data is collected remotely and can be used to compile route plans and fill-in plans.
The right product is delivered at the right time to the right vending machine. The product sell by dates and the availability of the products can be taken care of. Vending machines that operate through electronic money are also cheaper to run when there is no requirement to function with physical money, as well as the service and maintenance that is necessary.
Tine’s maintained vending machine operation is an example of how to get a self-service channel to work directly from the producer to the consumer. It has taken care of the two most important elements, the ease of purchasing and the reliability of the service.

The sales service has been greatly taken on board by the users. Mecsel Oy strives to support its cooperation partners with new innovations. Tine is an ambitious and quality-conscious company that wants to disseminate the teaching of new generations to use diverse dairy products and ensure their easy access.