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Norpay AB joins Mecsel Oy as distribution partner of smart phone-based payment solutions in Sweden


Norpay joins Mecsel as distribution partner of smart phone-based payment solutions in Sweden

Mecsel Oy and Nordic Payment Solutions AB –Norpay- are proud to announce a new distribution partnership that will see Norpay distribute Mecsel’s smart phone-based payment solution in Sweden. The new partnership is expected not only to create a win-win situation for both companies but to deliver significant value to unattended automated retailers and consumers, following the latest trends in smart phone adoption in the world.
At the core of this partnership sits Mecsel® Smart, an advanced and powerful telemeter capable of hosting closed-loop vending, telemetry, and smart phone-based public cashless payment applications at the same time. The other key component of the partnership is Mecsel® mePay, a smart phone payment solution that comprises of Mecsel® mePay smart phone App and Mecsel® mePay risk management payment gateway.

Jyrki Virtanen the Managing Director of Mecsel Oy tells about the new contract:
“Norpay AB is a well-established company focusing on the Swedish unattended payment market. The contract between our companies forms a very solid basis to enable systematic marketing of Mecsel product range in Sweden. Swedish consumers are known to be very keen in adopting the latest payment technologies, and the use of cashless payment methods seem natural for them. Norpay’s skills and attitude to handling systems sales and technical support makes them an ideal partner to us”.

“Nordic Payment Solutions (NorPay) is proud to join into partnership with Mecsel Oy. We know the people at Mecsel since many years back and can verify their deep knowledge, their quest for quality and their commitment to the unattended payment industry. The new, state of the art products for mobile payment is now to be released by Mecsel continue Finland’s proud tradition to be a forerunner in mobile technology. We at NorPay are extremely glad having the honour of adding these exciting products to our portfolio. The Swedish market for unattended payment is well advanced so these new products will be the perfect choice for our demanding customers.”

Nordic Payment Solutions (NorPay) is focusing on unattended payment market. The is vision to support companies to improve profitability and achieve more effective payment processes. Norpay is partner with some of the leading manufacturers of payment systems.

Mecsel Oy is a pioneering company within the mobile phone-based payment sector in the Nordics. Mecsel’s solutions have enabled consumers in Finland to pay at more than 5,000 unattended vending machines by means of mobile payment since 1997.
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