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Mecsel Oy and Riskpointer Oy made a contract


Mecsel Oy and Riskpointer Oy have signed a global cooperation agreement concerning smart phone payments taking place in a self-service environment.

Mecsel Oy is Finland’s leading supplier in all environments in which payments take place as a self-service, by any reasonable means, such as coins, banknotes, cards and mobile phones. The cooperation with Riskpointer Oy will allow the use of smartphone apps in e.g., vending machines, car parks, ticketing applications and service stations. Riskpointer Oy’s technical solution will take advantage of Mecsel Oy’s best positioning data and flexible customized arrangements. Great importance is placed in the user friendliness, affordability and security solutions of the apps.


Pictured from left to right Lassi Koskinen, Pekka Honkonen, Jyrki Virtanen, Seppo Sarrivaara

Both Mecsel Oy’s representatives Jyrki Virtanen and Seppo Sarrivaara, as well as Riskpointer Oy’s representatives Pekka Honkonen and Lassi Koskinen are satisfied with the conclusion of the agreement of both parties on 20.9.2013. It is generally understood that the agreement will significantly promote self-service operations in Finland and Scandinavia, already in the near future.

RiskPointer technology enables payments to be made by mobile phone, safe and cost-effectively. The identification and authentication of the RiskPointer payer has been made very easy on behalf of the user, and, thus, a very straightforward approval of transactions can be made. The technology functions without a hardware base or SIM card encryption technology, and is, thus, highly scalable to a large number of devices without the need for any device-specific modifications. Payment is highly cost-effective, combined with effective risk management, which is based on the real-time measurements of several gauges. A simple pin-code is sufficient to confirm transactions. The user can choose their pin-code via the program start-up.