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UNIPAY joins Mecsel as distribution partner of smart phone-based payment solutions in Denmark


Mecsel Oy and UNIPAY Systems ApS are proud to announce a new distribution partnership that will see UNIPAY Systems distribute Mecsel’s smart phone-based payment solution in Denmark. The new partnership is expected not only to create a win-win situation for both companies but to deliver significant value to unattended automated retailers and consumers, following the latest trends in smart phone adoption in the world.

At the core of this partnership sits Mecsel® Smart, an advanced and powerful telemeter capable of hosting closed-loop vending, telemetry, and smart phone-based public cashless payment applications at the same time. The other key component of the partnership is mePay™, a smart phone payment solution that comprises of mePay™ smart phone App and mePay™ risk management payment gateway.

“Mecsel Oy is very pleased to start this new partnership with UNIPAY Systems. UNIPAY Systems has very impressive resources and skilful management. The timing is ideal to join forces in offering our revolutionary payment solution that brings operators of unattended retail outlets much closer to consumers”, Jyrki Virtanen, Mecsel Oy’s Managing Director said.

“UNIPAY Systems are very pleased with the signed partnership with Mecsel Oy. Mecsel Oy has a management team taking the lead and develops exciting products for the benefit of our two companies. Our Danish customers can look forward to get a product that follows the latest technology in mobile payment” Lars Jensen, UNIPAY’s Managing Director said.

Mecsel Oy is a pioneering company within the mobile phone-based payment sector in the Nordics. Mecsel’s solutions have enabled consumers to pay at more than 5,000 unattended vending machines by means of service numbers and SMS since 1997.

UNIPAY Systems have roots back to the early 90’s where most of their customers came from the vending business. Today they appeal in addition also to other businesses that see their products as being unique to their business. UNIPAY systems have some of the best product agencies for unattended business and are prepared to step into the future together with their partners.

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